voluntary septic assessments

Voluntary Septic Assessments

Check out this great video on voluntary septic assessments.  Septic Preservation Services is ready to help you evaluate your septic system.  Call them today for an appointment at 877-378-4279 or visit

design and installation

Septic Design and Installation

Check out this great video on septic design and installation.  Septic Preservation Services can design and install your new septic system from start to finish. We have the expertise in your town to put in your septic system according to local guidelines and requirements.  We are your local experts.  We return your yard to its previous condition including hydroseeding.

Visit with all your septic questions and to schedule a new septic system install.

Title 5

Title 5 Inspections

Check out this great video on Title 5 Inspections and what they involve.  Are you in need of a Title 5 Inspection?

Give us a call at Septic Preservation Services at 877-378-4279 or visit 

We can answer all your septic questions.


Overboard Discharge Services

Check out this great video.  We are ready for all your questions and concerns with Maine Overboard Discharge Services (OBD).  Visit for more information.

garbage disposals

Garbage Disposals and Your Septic System

Check out this great video on garbage disposals and your septic system.  Visit for all your septic questions.  Bob Silva and his team are available for all your septic needs.

cleaning and pumping

Septic Cleaning and Pumping

Check out this great video on septic cleaning and pumping.  Septic Preservation Services has all the specialized equipment and expertise to keep your septic system working effectively and extend the life of your system.  Cleaning and pumping are a big part of this equation.

Visit for all your septic questions and to schedule your septic cleaning and pumping.

Septic Preservation Services

Leachfield Maintenance

Watch this great video on Leachfield Maintenance by Septic Preservation Services.  Septic issues?  Call 877-378-4279 or visit www.septicpreservation.com


Septic System Risers

Visit for all your septic needs large or small.  Call us with any questions on your septic issues at 877-378-4279