OBD Services In Maine And Tips For Property Owners To Maintain Their OBDs

Septic Preservation Services have many years experience working with the Maine government’s overboard discharge (OBD) program. As stated on the Maine Gov website:

“The Maine DEP’s Overboard Discharge (OBD) Program is responsible for regulating discharges of sanitary and household wastewater generated at residential or commercial locations to streams, rivers, bays, and the ocean. All OBDs must be approved by the DEP through a licensing process.” For more information see:

Septic Preservation Services are the only statewide company on the certified maintenance contractor list provided by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

In addition to having your OBD serviced and maintained by a certified contractor you can ensure that your OBD is maintained by following these tips that will help to extend the life of your OBD and promote high quality effluent.

  • Some household chemicals kill the microorganisms that digest the wastes in your treatment system and may pass through to the receiving waterbody.  Toxic chemicals, harsh cleaners, paint, pharmaceuticals, and non-biodegradable materials should not be disposed of by dumping or pouring down the drain.
  • Using low-flow toilets and water-saving showerheads will prolong the life of your system.
  • Septic tanks should be pumped at least once every three years.  Depending on how much the OBD facility is used, you may want to increase the septic pumping frequency or decrease it to once every five years if it receives very little use.
  • Trees, shrubs and woody perennials should be cleared away from system components.  Sandfilter surfaces should be mowed at least once per year.  If a wet spot appears on or near the sandfilter bed notify the DEP inspector.
  • Mechanical systems operate best if they are used at a consistent rate and may malfunction or produce poor quality effluent if overloaded on the weekend and “starved” during the week.  Try to manage laundry, cleaning, and showers so that the load is spread out as evenly as possible.  Leave a mechanical OBD operating as recommended by your service contractor at all times during the season of use.
  • Check the chlorine level at least every two weeks and keep fresh chlorine in contact with the treated wastewater.  Don’t overfill the chlorinator tubes; only the bottom two or three inches of the tubes should have chlorine.  Old, brown or mushy chlorine does not properly disinfect and must be replaced.  Take care to remove old chlorine from your chlorinator rather than washing it out to the waterbody.
  • Ensure that the outfall pipe extends to below the low water mark of the receiving waterbody.  In extenuating circumstances a specific waiver to this requirement may be granted by the Department.
  • Treated wastewater should be clear and without a strong septic or chlorine odor.  If wastewater in the disinfection unit is not nearly clear, smells like rotten eggs, raw sewage, or smells strongly of chlorine, call your service contractor or notify the DEP inspector.

Today we have OBD maintenance and services scheduled in Portland, Falmouth, Orr’s Island, Cape Elizabeth, Freeport and Harpswell Maine. If you have an OBD and require a service or you have question or concern about your OBD please do contact our office on 877-378-4279 or visit

Septic Preservation Services Are Available for Your Septic Needs In Maine

Septic Preservation Services is licensed to inspect, install, repair, design and update septic systems in the following Maine cities and towns:

Bailey Island
Bar Mills
Bedford, NH
Cape Elizabeth
Cape Neddick
Kennebunk Port
Kittery Point
Lisbon Falls
North Berwick
North Bridgton
North Yarmouth
Old Orchard Beach
Orr’s Island
Owls Head
Peaks Island
Post Mills
Richmond, NH
Rochester, NH
Round Pond
Stratham, NH
Tennants Harbor
West Kennebunk
West Bath
West Kennebunk
Westport Island
West Newfield
West Paris

From our Biddeford, Maine Office our qualified technicians are available to attend to your septic needs on short notice. Today we have septic inspections and septic repairs scheduled in Belfast, Hermon, Islesboro, Palmero, Whitfield and Windsor ME. If you require septic assistance or have any questions please do contact us on   877-378-4279 or visit  and we will be happy to help.

Septic Inspections in Maine

Septic Preservation Services has septic inspections scheduled today in Peak’s Island, Portland, Harpswell, Orr’s Island, Freeport, Pownal and Topsham Maine.

Having an inspection on your septic system keeps you informed of the status of your septic system. A septic system will not operate indefinitely and will eventually need replacement and will always require maintenance so it is advisable to know the condition of your septic system. In this instance ignorance is not bliss and could lead to some unpleasant surprises so having a professional inspect your system could help prevent expensive repairs in the future if you can catch problems before they occur.

If you would be interested in a septic inspection or if you have any septic questions please do contact our office on 877-378-4279 or visit


Septic Inspections in Maine Today

 MaineSeptic Preservation Services have septic inspections scheduled today in Topsham, Brunswick, Bowdoinham, West Bath, Phippsburg, Harpswell, Bailey Island, and Arrowsic, Maine.  

We have extensive experience conducting septic inspections in Maine and provide our customers with thorough and professional inspections so they can be confident in the results.

If you require a septic inspection or if you have any questions about septic inspections, please do contact our office at 877-378-4279 or visit


Septic Preservation Services Have Septic Repairs in Maine Today

Maine Septic Preservation Services has septic repairs scheduled today in Westport Island, Boothbay, Bath, Brunswick, Orr’s Island, Phippsburg, and Harpswell, Maine.  

Of course repairing your septic system is always important but it seems especially urgent when a property is located on pristine coastline or in unspoiled countryside which is often the case for our customers in Maine.  Inadequately treated wastewater can transfer diseases such as dysentery, hepatitis, and typhoid fever to animals and humans. However, also a serious concern with a failing septic system, is that it can also leak excessive nutrients and bacteria to rivers, lakes, and the ocean, destroying plant and animal habitat, closing beaches, and hurting the fishing industry.

If you require a septic repair or if you have questions about your septic system please do contact our office at 877-378-4279 or visit

Septic Preservation Services

Overboard Discharge Service by Septic Preservation Services

Septic Preservation Services Septic Preservation Services is the only statewide contractor on the Wastewater Treatment Plants Certified Maintenance Contractors list provided by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.  This means that we are the only contractor statewide that can service mechanical OBDs.  As stated on the Maine Department of Environmental Protection website:


“An overboard discharge (OBD) is a discharge to surface waters of the State of domestic pollutants (sanitary wastes or wastewater from household activities generated at residential or commercial locations) that are not conveyed to municipal or quasi-municipal sewerage treatment facilities.  The vast majority of OBDs in Maine are associated with residential dwellings and small commercial operations along the coast.”


For more information see:


We have overboard discharge service and overboard discharge repair appointments today in Freeport, Harpswell, Brunswick, Orr’s Island, Bailey Island, Phippsburg, Peak’s Island, and Portland, ME.  If you need to arrange an OBD service or an OBD repair please do contact our office at 877-378-4279 or visit

Septic Preservation Services

Septic Preservation is Expert on Septic Repairs

Septic Preservation Services Septic Preservation Services have septic repairs scheduled today in Bailey Island, Orr’s Island, Harpswell, Phippsburg, Arrowsic, Bath, Westport Island and Richmond, ME.  We have experience working on many septic systems with various problems including issues with septic pumps, leach or drain fields, D-Box and OBD.  If you have concerns that your septic system is not working correctly it is not advisable to wait to have it looked at.  Signs that your system has problems could be sewage smells in your property, toilet or drain backup, slow running drains, puddling on your leach field, and very lush or green leach field compared to the rest of your yard. s If you have questions or wish to schedule an appointment please do contact our office at 877-378-4279 or visit

Septic Preservation Established in Maine 30 Years Ago

    Septic Preservation Services  Septic Preservation Services was established in Maine over 30 years ago. We are a premier provider of septic services including septic inspections, septic repairs, biological remediation, pump chamber repairs, and resolution of difficult septic issues on challenging sites. Our services are available throughout Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island.  These services are provided by licensed professionals that care about our customers. This week our service team will be working in Maine in Falmouth, Farmington, Freeport, Gorham, Gray, Harpswell, Harrison, Heath, Hebron, Hermon, Jay, and Kennebunk. If you see our professional service technicians ask them how we can help you.

Call Septic Preservation Services at 877-378-4279 or visit


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