Anatomy of a Failed Septic System

Septic Systems are great when they’re working!


Septic systems do an amazing job of returning liquids to the soil for purification. They can continue to operate effectively for over twenty years with proper use and regular tank pumping. But when septic system failure occurs, the conditions they create are dangerous! These can include:

  • Hazardous sewage surfacing in yard
  • Health hazards to children and pets
  • Noxious orders over large areas
  • Polluted streams and ponds
  • Sewage back-up in buildings
  • Contaminated wells
  • Breeding areas for mosquitoes

Septic system failure is practically inevitable.

Septic system failures are the result of many processes, most of which are out of sight and occurring unnoticed. These processes are:

  • Soil clogging by organic material that is flushed out of the septic tank
  • Soil clogging by chemicals from water conditioners and laundry detergents
  • Hydrogen sulfide deterioration of concrete components
  • Tree and shrub root intrusion that clogs pipes
  • Excessive water from building drains
  • Restricted liquid flow due to improper design and/or installation
  • Restricted liquid flow due to structural damage to the leach field

Nearly all processes that lead to septic system failure can be eliminated.

Septic Preservation Services specializes in keeping septic systems functioning long beyond their design life. We offer:

  • Protection of septic systems from biological and structural failure
  • Restoration of marginal or failing septic systems
  • Recovery of failed septic systems
  • Repair or replacement of deteriorated components
  • Elimination of excessive surface water infiltration
  • Installation of septic tank risers to facilitate regular pumping
  • Installation of effluent filters to reduce solids carryover to the leach field
  • Septic system use education

SPS offers septic systems inspection, septic system maintenance and replacement septic systems

We have a wide range of qualifications, experience and solutions.

  • Our products are State approved
  • Our field technicians are certified
  • We use a network of licensed engineers
  • We have a direct experience as failed septic system owners
  • We have successfully recovered thousands of failed drainfields
  • We are a diversified provider of septic preservation services
  • Our staff are insured professionals

Our approach is comprehensive.

Our approach to septic system preservation and problems includes:

  • Assessment of the condition and functioning of the septic system’s components
  • Diagnosis of septic system problems
  • Lowest cost and longest lasting solutions
  • Full compliance with state and local septic system regulations
  • Use of warranted products and processes
  • Minimal disruption of existing landscape
  • Ongoing maintenance and service
  • Environmentally-friendly practices