Septic Preservation Services

SPS delivers the highest quality Septic Services

SPS has multiple locations with trained wastewater treatment plant operators and technicians to properly service your septic systems, pump chambers and aerobic treatment equipment. We also provide septic inspections from all of our locations. SPS is working to go paperless allowing our service techs access to real time data to improve the quality of service at all of our commercial and residential customer installations. This allows us to expedite septic inspection reports to our customers. If you need a septic system inspection, septic tank pumping or expert septic repairs, call us today.

New White Knight™ Owners manual is here







SPS has published a new White Knight™MIG Owners Manual. This owners manual will help educate homeowners about septic system problems, how to maintain their septic systems health, understanding how the White Knight™ works and the benefits of aerobic treatment equipment. It can be downloaded here from our website.

Maine Realtors can get Septic Savvy

SPS’s Maine location is offering their Septic Savvy training class to Maine realtors. This free two hour class details basic septic system operation, maintenance practices and system failure scenarios. In addition, we cover “best in class” residential aerobic treatment solutions like the White Knight MIG™ too. These classes can be held right in your local office and all attendees receive two continuing educational training credits toward Maine state licenses. A key benefit of completing this class is that realtors can now better understand their options when an inspector details septic system issues that they must address. We’re here to help and educate, so call Jim Boucher at 651-1747, our local licensed wastewater treatment technician/instructor regarding scheduling a Septic Savvy class today.

SPS develops Proactive Maintenance plan for Convenience Store Chain

SPS is working with a large convenience store chain to proactively review all their septic systems and put together a proactive plan to maintain these at each of their many locations. SPS will provide their expert wastewater treatment consultancy free of charge to insure each system’s operational efficiency and minimize costs and lost revenues due to costly unexpected septic system failures. Depending on each individual systems needs- our services may include periodic tune-ups for aerobic treatment systems (aka White Knight MIG™), filter cleaning, system pumping and other proactive services. It is important that Commercial septic systems should be designed based on actual daily waste strength to achieve the proper system performance and extended life. Contact us if you would like a professional assessment profile and recommendation report for your Commercial septic systems.

SPS offer breath of fresh air for restaurant installations

SPS is the New England distributor and a certified installer for Syneco Systems “state-of-the-art” Odor Control solutions. We recently installed their Peacemaker™ Dry Air Scrubber system at a local McDonald’s® restaurant and its doing a terrific job. These systems are easy to install, maintenance free and are a cost-effective solution for commercial and municipal installations (i.e., restaurants and schools) to virtually eliminate any odors in the air caused by aerobic wastewater treatment systems. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is the most common malodor that these technologies are designed to address, other gases such as ammonia, mercaptans, and methylamine will be controlled as well. Call us and we’ll be glad to offer our expertise for solving your specific wastewater odor control problem.

Aerobic treatment systems on the rise in New England

With tougher regulations being adopted by local states and towns, aerobic treatment systems are becoming more common in many residential on-site applications. The Mass Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) requires that on-site systems meet stricter wastewater treatment quality standards in well protection areas, coastal towns and locations with high water tables. They are now required in New Hampshire at sites located too close to critical water resources (i.e., lakes and ponds). In Maine some towns have recently adopted tougher regulations that require treatment at advanced levels. With increased adoption of these aerobic treatment systems, our important water resources will be protected for future generations to enjoy.

SPS offers 24/7 customer service for emergencies

SPS has a live person available 24 hours/day, 7 days a week for septic system, aerobic treatment equipment, or pump station emergencies. SPS has multiple locations in with trained wastewater treatment plant operators to properly service your septic systems, pump chambers, and aerobic treatment equipment. Our trained technicians use state-of-the-art septic system cameras, jetters, dissolved oxygen meters, and light spectrometers to collect real-time data in the field that assists us in efficiently servicing your system. We also provide septic inspections from all of our locations.

White Knight™ cleans up coffee growers wastewater problems

Septic Preservation Services is working with coffee growers in Hawaii to install aerobic waste treatment equipment to treat process waste water. Process waste water causes several serious issues including contamination of ground water needed for drinking, odors, and rodent issues. SPS found a solution to the serious Commercial septic system problem after conducting a two year study using White Knight MIG™ aerobic treatment systems. Our White Knight™ MIG system utilizes a specialized IOS 500 bacteria innoculant specifically designed to maximize the performance of aerobic treatment systems.

SPS offers their Septic Savvy classes to Maine realtors

Septic Preservation Services, the New England Distributor of the “best-in-class” White Knight MIG™ Aerobic Treatment solution is offering their Septic Savvy class at no cost to Maine realtors. Realtors can gain valuable knowledge about septic systems, septic inspections, pump chambers and aerobic treatment equipment while obtaining required training hours toward their license. Our classes are delivered by Jim Boucher, SPS’s Northeast Sales & Service Manager at the requestor’s location, usually the realtors’ offices. SPS can be reached at 877-378-4279.

SPS’s Jim Boucher gets wastewater treatment plant operators license in NH

Jim Boucher, our Northeast Sales and Services Manager completed the required exam and got his wastewater treatment plant operators license from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NH DES). He is now qualified to operate a wastewater treatment facility in the State of New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NH DES) administers the certification of wastewater treatment facility operators. In New Hampshire there are four levels of certification for wastewater treatment facility operators based on facility complexity and design flow, with Grade I lowest and Grade IV highest.