Septic Preservation Services is a full-service solution provider that specializes in keeping septic systems functioning long beyond their traditional design life. Septic Preservation Services is a leading provider of the White Knight MIG™ microbial aerobic septic system treatment solution. We’ve been in business over 25 years as a solution innovator in the use of bioremediation for the rehabilitation of existing septic systems. The White Knight MIG™ is a technology breakthrough that uses highly optimized oxygen-enabled select bacteria that keeps your system healthy and running at peak efficiency. The White Knight MIG™ is specifically designed to restore organically clogged leach fields and provide high strength wastewater pretreatment by converting an existing septic tank into a biologically enhanced treatment vessel. We have been successful with saving systems for many prominent clients such as Cumberland Farms®, Dunkin Donuts®, Shell Oil®, Tedeshi’s®, Xtramart®, and McDonald’s®. In addition, we have the White Knight MIG™ bioremediation solution installed at a wide-variety of other commercial applications including; restaurants, resorts and institutional facilities. Our trained staff of environmental consultants are available to provide on-site septic system diagnosis and valuable advice based on your specific site location and environmental factors.

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