Septic Preservation Services is a full-service solution provider that specializes in keeping septic systems functioning long beyond their design life. Septic Preservation Services is a leading provider of all septic services including but not limited to biological remediation of failed septic systems. We’ve been in business over 25 years as a solution innovator in the use of enhanced bioremediation to rehabilitate dysfunctional systems. Biological remediation is a technology breakthrough that uses highly optimized oxygen-enabled bacteria that keeps your system healthy and running at peak efficiency. This process is specifically designed to restore an organically failed leach fields or provide wastewater pretreatment by converting an existing septic tank into an enhanced treatment vessel. This solution is highly adaptable and scalable to meet the water usage requirements for custom-tailored condominium or community applications and readily installed into existing systems with noticeable results in as little as 60 days. Our trained staff of environmental consultants are available to provide a free, on-site septic system diagnosis and valuable advice based on thousands of successfully installed systems.