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Septic Preservation Services Septic Preservation Services has a septic system installation starting today in Hopkinton, RI.  We are installing a septic system for a property owner who previously had a cesspool which had to be replaced as per the Rhode Island Cesspool Act 2007.  For more information see:


They had to replace their cesspool because they were selling their property and it was part of their sale agreement to have it replaced prior to closing.  As specified in the above document:


“ Under the Cesspool Act, any cesspool serving a property subject to sale or transfer with a closing date on or after January 1, 2016, must be removed from service within one year of the closing date.  The cesspool must be replaced with a septic system or the building connected to a sewer line if one is available.  The upgrade requirement is triggered by the actual closing date.  If your property transaction closes prior to January 1, 2016, the upgrade requirement does not apply until the next time the property is transferred.


The law does not specify which party, buyer or seller, is responsible for upgrading the cesspool, only that the upgrade must happen within one year of the closing for the transaction.   This means the upgrade is subject to negotiation between the buyer and seller and that either party can take responsibility.  If the cesspool is not upgraded within one year, the owner of the property at that time (one year after closing, i.e. the new owner) will be subject to enforcement action.”


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