Increases In Flow Of Septic System Requires A Septic Inspection

Septic Preservation Services have many years experience working with the septic industry in this region and because of this we are contacted to do septic inspections for property owners who are selling their home or business property with a septic system and therefore require an inspection. Today we have inspections scheduled for customers in Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, Marion and New Bedford for property sales. We also have a septic inspection today for a property in Acushnet MA for another reason. As required by Title 5 in Massachusetts:

“Changes of Use and Increases in Flow

These situations require a system inspection only if the modification requires a building permit or occupancy permit. For example:

  • adding a bedroom to a house
  • adding seats to a restaurant
  • changing the type of business operating at a commercial location.

Check with your Building Department or Board of Health to find out if your modification meets these requirements.

Any change in the footprint of a building also requires an inspection to determine the location of the system, to ensure that construction will not be located on top of any system components or on the reserve area. Check with your local Board of Health” – Mass Gov. For more information see

In this instance our client has added bedrooms to their property and therefore require a septic inspection.

If you need a septic inspection, for any reason, or you are unsure about septic inspections, Title 5 or septic systems please do contact our Norton office where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have or schedule an appointment if necessary on 877-378-4279 or visit