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Part 4 – Al Rivet walks through Massachusetts Title V ( Title 5 ) Septic Inspection Form

Al Rivet with All Clear Septic & Wastewater Services walks through the Massachusetts Title V ( Title 5 ) Inspection Form – Part 4

Do you have questions about the Massachusetts Title V ( Title 5 ) Inspection form? Do you have a septic inspection pending? Al Rivet from All Clear Septic & Wastewater Services takes us through the 17 page document line by line, highlighting the sections which may cause confusion or need further explanation.

Al’s review continues on page 14 with his review of the various components of the septic system, and the importance of maintaining them properly. He details information required for sections including the Pump Chamber, Soil Absorption System and less commonly used items as Cesspools and Privies, or an outhouse. The Soil Absorption System is reviewed thoroughly as it can have the significant impact on the local ecology if it is put in too close to a water source.

Page 15 is a diagram of the system from above, with the nearest landmarks included. This is to enable anyone working on the system to find the portion they want to check with as few holes as possible. Al recommends adding risers to the septic tank to allow easy access without the need for heavy equipment and digging. It is also used to ensure any new construction is not placed on or near critical components of the existing septic system.

Next is an in-depth review of the inspectors assessment of nearby bodies of water, wells or other sources of usable water. This is necessary to ensure the septic system has no impact on potential drinking water sources and to prevent contamination of the local environment. The bottom of the page requires a written description of how these tests were conducted for approval reviews and to re-conduct the tests if needed in the same manner.

Finally there is a simple checklist on which the inspector validates they have completed each section.

Watch Al take you through the end of the Massachusetts Title V Inspection form below!


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