Septic Preservation Services

Septic Functional Inspections in Rhode Island

Septic Preservation Services Septic Preservation Services has Septic Functional Inspections today in Barrington, Tiverton, Little Compton, Portsmouth, Middletown, Cranston, and Johnston, RI.  The functional inspection is used to determine whether a system is adequate to serve the wastewater disposal needs of the household.  The Rhode Island Septic Functional Inspection is especially intended for use during a property transfer as a means to protect the consumer and identify systems in need of upgrade or repair.  It may involve, as appropriate, any of the procedures described below.


  • Gathering Records and Data. They need to determine system conformance and history.  Acquire the most recent system plans and speak to the current system owner.
  • Evaluate In-Home Plumbing. They will estimate water use, conduct leak and repair evaluation, and evaluate household fixtures for water conservation devices.
  • Evaluate and Maintain System Components. Inspect and maintain septic/ cesspool and D-Box.  Observe site conditions, conduct flow trial, and conduct dye tracing if required.

If you need to arrange a Rhode Island Septic Functional Inspection or have any questions please do contact our office at 877-378-4279 or visit