Septic Preservation Services

Septic Preservation Services Has Office in Biddeford, Maine

 Septic Preservation Services have an office in Biddeford, Maine, and our local experience enables us to quickly diagnose septic problems but to also carryout septic repairs on short notice.  We have septic repair appointments today in Biddeford, Kennebunk, Kennebunk Port, Wells, Kittery, Kittery Point, and North Berwick, ME.  If you notice that your drain field is flooded and the water is not receding, or you have slow flowing drains, water backing up into your basement, slow flushing toilets or strange noises coming from your plumbing, these could be indications that you might require a septic repair.  Extensive rain at this time of year can also create or exacerbate these septic problems.  If you need a septic repair or you have concerns or questions about your septic system please do contact our office at 877-378-4279 or visit