Septic Preservation Services Provides OBD Services and Repairs to Maine Customers

Septic Preservation Services have Overboard Discharge (OBD) Services and Repairs today in Kittery, Kittery Point, Cape Neddick, Wells and North Berwick Maine. As stated on the Maine Gov Department of Environmental Protection website:

“The Maine DEP’s Overboard Discharge (OBD) Program is responsible for regulating discharges of sanitary and household wastewater generated at residential or commercial locations to streams, rivers, bays, and the ocean. All OBDs must be approved by the DEP through a licensing process.”

Septic Preservation Services are the only statewide contractor listed by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection on their Wastewater Treatment Plant Certified Maintenance Contractor List.

It is stated that for OBDs the

“DEP rule requires all mechanical treatment systems to have an operating alarm system; to maintain a current service contract with a licensed service contractor; and to attach a service tag on or near the treatment system that provides the service contractor’s name and the last date of service.”

Therefore all property owners with an OBD must have a service contract with a licensed OBD. Septic Preservation Services has extensive experience and provides OBD services for multiple customers in Maine. If you require an Overboard Discharge Service or Overboard Discharge Repair please do contact our office on 877-378-4279 or visit Septic Preservation Services