The Facts About Cesspools

Septic Preservation Services Septic Preservation Services has extensive experience with both septic systems and cesspools. A cesspool is a pit which acts as both a settling chamber for solids and a leaching system for liquids. The use of cesspools may overload the capacity of the soil to remove bacteria, viruses, and phosphorus, and to nitrify ammonia and organic nitrogen compounds.

A conventional septic system has a tank where solids can settle and begin to degrade, a distribution box, and a soil absorption system (SAS) that further treats the effluent by removing some of the bacteria, viruses, phosphorus, and nitrogen.  Conventional septic systems are now more common, but there are many homes and properties that still have cesspools which are not required to be replaced.  However, cesspools that exhibit signs of hydraulic failure, are located extremely close to private or public water supplies, or otherwise fail to protect or pose a threat to public health, safety or the environment will need to be upgraded.

We are replacing a cesspool for a customer in Stoughton, MA today because they have added 2 bedrooms to their home and cesspools must be upgraded prior to an increase in design flow. We also have cesspool services in Southborough, Marlborough, Grafton, Holliston, Millbury, and Uxbridge, MA.

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