The History of All Clear Septic

All Clear SepticThe State of Massachusetts initiated a law in 1995, requiring all on-site sewage treatment systems (septic systems) to fall under specific guidelines. This was in response to concerns about the contamination of groundwater and local drinking water supplies as a result of antiquated septic systems and cesspools within Massachusetts.

The Code of Massachusetts Regulations (310 CMR, Section 15.00) states that Title 5 Inspection: “Protects you and your neighbors from public health threats. DEP, local Boards of Health and system owners all share the responsibility for the proper sitting, construction, upgrade and maintenance of on-site systems.”

In 1995, the year that the law was implemented, Al Rivet, the owner of All-Clear, entered the septic industry as a Title 5 Inspector. However, after he had performed thousands of inspections, Al discovered that there was a need for a company in Southcoast Massachusetts that could provide inspections, effectively troubleshoot septic systems and provide any preventative maintenance or repairs that were required. As a result, the incorporation of All-Clear as a septic and wastewater services company was established in 2004.

The service offerings available to our customers through All-Clear have grown over the years, as consumer needs were identified through hands-on experience. We proudly offer Title 5 Inspections, confidential septic evaluations, troubleshooting services, annual maintenance, septic pumping, remedial repairs and septic rejuvenations.

The only service NOT provided by All-Clear is the installation of new septic systems. We refrain from providing installations so that there would never be a conflict of interest for us to fail a passing system. Providing quality septic services that you can trust and professional customer care is our top priority.

Visit or call 508-763-4431 to see how we can help you.

This blog was posted on on November 18, 2015.

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