Title 5 Inspections For Property Owners Who Are Selling Property With A Septic System

Septic Preservation Services have Title 5 Inspection appointments today in Acushnet, Mattapoisett, Marion, Rochester, New Bedford Fairhaven and Westport MA. As stated on the Massachusetts Official Website of the Executive office of Energy and Environmental Affairs:

“a system shall be inspected at or within two years prior to the time of transfer of title to the facility served by the system.  An inspection conducted up to three years before the time of transfer may be used if the inspection report is accompanied by system pumping records demonstrating that the system has been pumped at least once a year during that time.  “

Many of our Title 5 Inspections are for property owners who are selling and need to have a Title 5 Septic Inspection done. We do also have septic inspections scheduled for people who are buying a property and want to have their own inspection done prior to purchase of the property. Whatever the reason for your septic inspection do contact our office where we will be happy to schedule you an appointment. You can contact us on 877-348-4279 or visit www.septicpreservation.com