What is an aerobic septic system?

Aerobic septic systems is a common phrase used by home owners to describe aerobic treatment equipment. The term aerobic septic systems should really be looked at in two parts. Aerobic describes a process of treating wastewater in the presents of free oxygen and aerobic bacteria. Septic system is a term used to describe a wastewater treatment system without any oxygen. Usually consisting of a tank to collect solids and a leaching area to dispose of the liquid. Therefore as you can see the term Aerobic septic system is very contradictory. However for the purposes of reviewing its historical origins, lets stick with the term aerobic septic system. Aerobic septic systems were first used by the Roman empire and have been improved in many ways to the extent that aerobic treatment is now our most important tool to protect public health and the environment. Aerobic septic systems are used by municipalities, industry, and single family home owners to treat and remove impurities from wastewater. The aerobic treatment process consumes the human waste and many disease causing bacteria, while allowing the water to return to the environment safely as part of the natural hydraulic cycle.