Biological Remediation Saves Septic System Without Having To Dig It Up

Septic Preservation Services were contacted by a homeowner in Stoughton MA who’s septic system had failed due to “old age” or organic clogging. The excess organics or human waste from the tank overflow to the leach field and over time this clogged the soil. This means that the leach field could no longer do its role so the system failed because waste was no longer adequately treated before entering the soil. Fortunately for our client Septic Preservation Services are experienced with a process called biological remediation. We were therefore able to save their septic system without digging it up. This of course was much cheaper and a lot less disruptive that digging up and replacing their entire septic system. Our experience with biological septic remediation means that customers throughout the region have benefited from this service, recently in Norton, Canton, Wayland and North Reading MA. If you think that biological remediation could be a solution to your septic problem or if you have septic concerns or questions please do contact our office on 877-378-4279 or visit and we will be happy to help

Evidence of the failed septic system

Close up of the clogged Leach Field