Success Stories

Drainfield Rehabilitation

This article by Nation Environmental Sciences Center staffer Marilyn Noah discusses what causes septic systems fail and points out some effective methods for short-term and long-term rehabilitation.

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SeaRanch Keeps it Natural

This helpful article from the Journal of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solutions demonstrates one community’s success using Knight Treatment Systems’ enhanced biological augmentation solution for waste water treatment.

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Remediation To The Rescue/Town of Savannah, NY

An instructive Water Environmental Federation (WEF) article about how the Town of Savannah, NY is using enhanced biological augmentation in their primary treatment tanks in an effective Municipal application. The WEF is a not for profit organization that has provided technical education and training for the world’s water quality professionals
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Menu For Success

A useful case study article that describes how the Glen Haven Restaurant Hotel in Skaneateles Lake, NY uses enhanced biological pretreatment as part of a cost-effective solution to their wastewater treatment problem to significantly reduce environmental concerns impacting their lake-front location.
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Sand Savior

Find out how the White Knight’s enhanced biological treatment solution eliminated wastewater ponding issues due to a biologically clogged sand filter installed at an Apartment complex site in Hyde Park, NY.
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Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? Microbes

An informative article that clearly demonstrates how the White Knight Enhanced Biological Treatment solution can be used to save money and easily rehabilitate a failing commercial-grade septic system.
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Biological Workforce

The summarized version of how The Town of Rushville, NY is successfully using an enhanced aerobic biological treatment solution in a centralized Municipal application.
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