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Sewage Grinder Pump Repairs by Septic Preservation Services

grinder pump repairs Septic Preservation Services have septic repairs including a sewage grinder pump repair today in Sturbridge, Oxford, Brimfield, Brookfield, Dudley, Uxbridge, and Millbury, MA.

As with all parts of your septic system your grinder pump is an essential part of your septic system.  Waste from water-using household appliances (toilets, bathtubs, washing machines, etc.) flows through your home’s pipes into the grinder pump’s holding tank.  Once the wastewater inside the tank reaches a specific level, the pump will turn on, grind the waste into a fine slurry, and pump it to the central sewer system or septic tank.  A sewage grinder pump does what the name suggests and is not something that you want to leave inoperative because more serious breakdowns and larger repairs may then be necessary.

If you require a septic repair or if you have concerns about your septic system, please do contact our Norton office where we will be happy to answer any questions you have and book an appointment if necessary.  You can reach us at 877-348-4279 or visit