Septic Preservation Services

Overboard Discharge Services in Maine

Septic Preservation Services Septic Preservation Services is the only statewide septic company listed on the Maine Department of Environment OBD Service Contractor List. The department describes them as


“An overboard discharge (OBD) is a discharge to surface waters of the State of domestic pollutants (sanitary wastes or wastewater from household activities generated at residential or commercial locations) that are not conveyed to municipal or quasi-municipal sewerage treatment facilities.’’


If you require an Overboard Discharge service or an Overboard Discharge repair, you must go to a licensed contractor . For more information, see the department website or contact your local Board of Health.  We have extensive experience with OBDs throughout Maine and have repairs and services schedule today in  Belfast, Islesboro, Belmont, Owl’s Head, Friendship, Bremen, and Waldoboro, Maine.

 If you need to schedule an Overboard Discharge repair or an Overboard Discharge service or if you have any questions about OBDs, please do contact our Biddeford, Maine office at 877-378-4279 or visit