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Septic First Maintenance Inspections in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Septic Preservation Services has licensed septic inspectors who are carrying out Septic First Maintenance Inspections in Portsmouth, Tiverton, Cranston, North Kingstown, and Exeter, RI today.  The purpose of a First Maintenance Septic Inspection is to establish what type of septic system you have, if the system poses any risk to public health, if there is any risk to the environment, and determine if any immediate corrective actions should be taken. In  some towns, for example Portsmouth RI:


“First Maintenance Inspections (FMIs) and pump outs are required for all Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems upon notification by the town.  If you receive a letter requiring a FMI and you have had an inspection performed in the previous year, simply file that inspection report with the town – to fulfill this requirement.  All FMIs will have to be completed within 60 days of notification.


Alternative/Experimental OWTS will not be required to have FMIs – only proof of a maintenance contract and annual servicing.”  For more information see the town website –


The town also provides a list of licensed inspectors.  In Portsmouth, Septic Preservation Services have five registered inspectors listed which is is the most of any company on that list.


If you need to schedule a Rhode Island First Maintenance Inspection or if you have any questions please do contact our office at 877-378-4279 or visit