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Septic Repairs Are Priority at Septic Preservation

All Clear Septic & Wastewater Services Septic Preservation Services wishes all Mothers a belated happy Mother’s Day for yesterday. We all want to ensure that our mothers are looked after and sometimes practicalities are more essential than flowers or chocolates.  If a septic system needs a repair, it is always inadvisable to wait.


“If a septic system is properly sited, is working properly, and has been maintained regularly, it will effectively and efficiently remove disease-causing bacteria. With one-third of the U.S. population using septic systems, over 1 trillion gallons of waste per year is disposed of below the ground’s surface from individual septic systems. Nutrients from failing septic systems can also cause serious health problems. For example, nitrate poses a significant threat to the health of human infants. When ingested, nitrate can interfere with the blood’s ability to carry oxygen, causing methemoglobinemia or “blue baby” syndrome. Inadequately treated sewage from failing septic systems poses a significant threat to drinking water and human health because diseases and infections may be transferred to people and animals directly and immediately. Dysentery, hepatitis, typhoid fever, and acute gastrointestinal illness are some of the more serious examples. Inadequately treated sewage from failing septic systems is the most frequently reported cause of groundwater contamination.” – The Official Website of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Massachusetts.
It is unlikely that your septic problem will have such severe repercussions unless it is ignored, but if left too long, a minor repair can become a septic failure, which can lead to unpleasant and unhealthy results. We have septic repairs scheduled today in Attleboro, Mansfield, Sharon, Franklin, Foxboro, Stoughton, and Canton, MA.  If you need to schedule a septic repair or if you have any questions please do contact us at 877-378-4279 or visit