Septic Preservation Services

Prepare Your Septic System for the Upcoming Winter

           Septic Preservation Services Septic Preservation Services like many of our customers is looking forward to a mild winter. Winters that are very cold with lots of snow can stress your septic system. The cold temperatures can freeze pipes and make access to your septic system very difficult if the ground is frozen. To avoid issues, your septic tank and pump chamber covers should be at grade and not buried. You should also service your septic tank by having your septic tank pumped and cleaned before the first frost. Snow is fun to play in but not so fun to work in. It can greatly complicate any septic service, septic pumping, or septic repairs. Additionally when it melts, it can flood your septic tank or leach field. Thought should be given when landscaping and snowplowing to locate snow away from your septic tank and leach field. Melting snow should also be diverted away from your septic system.

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