Septic Preservation Services

Septic Preservation Services Provides Advice and Information

          Septic Preservation Services Septic Preservation Services is here to provide advice and information to our customers to ensure that their Septic System is working correctly and will do so for many years to come. We don’t want to have to do costly septic repairs to your system when simple preventative measures can prevent this.

One of the main issues we encounter when customers have problems with their septic system is that their water usage is either too high or not consistent. Simple changes can help with this, for example, ensure that your dishwasher and washing machine is full before turning it on. Dual flush toilets and economical shower heads can also make a difference. It is also beneficial to not overload your system by running your dishwasher, washing machine and taking a shower at the same time. Also consider spreading your washing over the entire week rather than doing 3 or 4 loads on one day.

We recently had to do a Septic Repair in Cumberland, RI when some simple and often free and cost effective changes would have made this unnecessary. However even a correctly used and working Septic System will need Septic Cleaning and Septic Pumping on a regular basis. The regularity depends on various factors but it is recommended every 3 years. If you think you are due for some maintenance on your Septic System please contact our office for advice or to schedule an appointment at 877-378-4279 or visit