Anaerobic Compact Septic System by Septic Preservation Services

Septic Preservation Services

A new Anaerobic Septic System to be installed by Septic Preservation Services

Septic Preservation Services prepares a new compact septic system for installation!

This new septic system for a residential installation is small, self-contained and easy to install!

The most commonly installed unit has a very small footprint of only 8′ x 4’2″ and does not require a septic tank unless local regulations call for it.  This unit is designed to be installed in a number of situations including those with very tight space tolerances!  This medium sized unit can treat a property with up to 6 bedrooms.

Septic Preservation Services

Inside an Anaerobic Septic System by Septic Preservation Services

To the right is a peek inside the unit, showcasing not only the expected chambers for sedimentation, which you would see in a traditional septic tank, but also two anaerobic filter chambers.  The first chamber is designed for nitrate denitrification, which means it uses bacteria to convert the ammonia into nitrate, which then passes to the second chamber and is converted again into nitrite.  This process enables waste water and solids to be processed and passed to the soil absorption system or holding tank.  You can also see build in risers which make maintaining and pumping this unit a breeze!

Septic Preservation Services has the solution to any of your septic issues.  Call Us Toll Free at 877-378-4279 today so we can solve your septic problems!

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